The advantages of ownership Turkish real estate


Why Turkey is so attractive for a growing number of customers from different countries?

• Effective government policies to attract foreign investment, for example, in Turkey it is allowed to buy real estate for a number of countries whose nationals could not previously purchase residential and non-residential property.

• The possibility of obtaining a mortgage loan for foreigners in most Turkish banks

• Relatively low cost of land in coastal areas in comparison to similar land in the resort areas of Spain, Italy, or Greece

• Turkey's advantageous geographical location on the world map

• Wonderful climate, a large number of sunny days, mild winters

• Gorgeous nature (in almost all regions of Turkey), forests, mountains, rivers and lakes, warm sea beaches for every taste – 314 beaches with Blue Flag certification

• Short convenient air travel, in summer, there is a large number of direct charter flights and during the winter period – regular flights, nice highways to travel by road

• Lack of visa regime

• Easy procedure of registration of the residence permit and the possibility of permanent residence

• The ability to obtain citizenship

• The opportunity to study in Turkish schools and universities

• The optimal ratio of price and quality of construction of residential complexes

• The increase in property prices and rental rates

• Low taxes on real estate maintenance

• Lack of difficulties in obtaining documents and bureaucracy

• Hospitality and friendly attitude of the locals towards foreigners

• Clean environment

• Modern infrastructure, which constantly evolves

• Attitude towards children and all conditions for comfortable living and recreation with children

• Easy start and running a business

• The developed construction sector: the use of the latest technologies in construction

• A wide choice of accommodation – from small economy-class offers to luxury complexes, both near the sea, and in the largest cities

We will be glad if you join those who have already chosen this wonderful country and enjoy the stay and rest in Turkey, because you are investing not only in real estate, but also your health and future!

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