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 Having purchased real estate in Turkey, you can get a stable income from renting it. Real estate agency Ataberk Estate will provide you with expert advice on the purchase of apartments or villas in Turkey for the purpose of renting them. In order to choose "rentable" real-estate in Turkey, trust our specialists!

Information on renting in Turkey

You can rent either seasonally (this option is selected by vacationers, visitors and tourists), or for a long period of time (this option is preferred by those who reside and work in Turkey).

Long-term renting

Empty flat (without furniture and appliances) can be given for long-term renting, since most of the tenants rent flats and houses for a long term and bring there their own furniture and home appliances, a contract is signed with the tenant, usually for a year, most often a deposit is taken (monthly rent payment), which is not returned by the owner in case of interruption of the contract and change of the residence at an earlier date, the advantage of this type of rent is a permanent monthly income and absence of the necessity to furnish an apartment and the risks of damage to property, the disadvantages can be low rent payment and the lack of opportunity of the owner to live there and enjoy the apartment.

Short-term renting

Short-term rent is popular in resort areas, it is often seasonal.

In general, we are renting apartments seasonally (we also rent them off-season, but the rental payment is lower).

The resort season in the region of Alanya is longer than in other regions, there is also a wide line of sandy beach, that is why apartments for rent here are in demand.

While Renting an apartment for tourists, the owner has a big advantage, as he/she can also enjoy the apartment and stay in it, and at to rent it during the spare time.

In order to rent an apartment for tourists one should furnish it and provide travelers with everything necessary for their rest - towels, dishes, linens.

In most cases the apartments are rented the entire season and the total annual income exceeds the profit from the long-term lease.

A renting agreement is being signed with the apartment owner after the purchase of the apartment.  Utilities and cleaning upon the departure are paid by the tenant.

Our company is actively engaged in renting, we find tenants and we already have a good base of permanent tenants, regular customers of our company.

On average, while renting through an agency an annual profit is up to 7% - 10% of the apartment purchase price, if you rent on your own, then it is possible to obtain a larger income - 10% or more, so the full coverage of costs in this case is about 10 years. This indicator is "clean", i.e. the costs for the real estate maintenance were deducted from it (aydat, tax, etc.). Aydat is a monthly fee for maintenance of the residential complex, it is paid by the owner of the apartment.

If you buy an apartment for renting, we always recommend to insure your apartment from various risks. The insurance costs about 150 USD - it covers maximum cases. You will also have obligatory insurance covering cases of earthshaking - it is obligatory for getting tapu - certificate of ownership. 

Rental costs

What is the cost of renting an apartment? Which apartments for rent are in demand? How much can you earn by renting an apartment? These questions often concern our clients

 Approximate rental prices for 2014 in the region of Alanya: 

  • Studio Apartment 1+0 in new residential complexes with infrastructure - about 400-500 Euro per month

  • Two-room apartments 1+1 in an old house - about 300-400 Euro per month

  • Two-room apartments 1+1 in new residential complexes with infrastructure - about 600-700 Euro per month

  • Three-room apartments 2+1 in an old house - about 500-600 Euro per month

  • Three-room apartments 2+1 in new residential complexes with infrastructure - about 800-900 Euro per month

  • Three-room apartments 2+1 in good residential complexes with big territory near the shore 1100 - 1400 Euro per month

  • Three-room apartments 2+1 in elite residential complexes and complexes situated on the first line from the shore - about 1600-2000 Euro per month

  • Penthouses in a residential complex by the seashore - about 1500 Euro per month

  • Villas - from 2000 - 2500 Euro 

One of the main post-sales services of our company is real estate management and renting , you will receive stable income, and we will have happy clients and new buyers!

In case if you already have real estate in Turkey and would like to rent it with the help of professional real estate agents, you can fill out this application to discuss renting conditions. 

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