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 An increasing number of our customers are looking for properties to rent on the coast line of Turkey 7

, both for a short term and for a longer time.

The main advantages of renting an apartment or villa in Turkey are the following.

  • In most cases, the renting is financially more profitable than staying at a hotel. This is especially true for renting for a longer period, since a long-term stay at the hotel would cost a substantial amount. A good two-room apartment by the sea (for example, in Alanya) can be rented for 600-700 EUR a month with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Most often, an apartment can accommodate more people than a standard hotel room. In addition, cheap food in Turkey will allow you to cook tasty and healthy food without any substantial expenditures.

  • Comfort and convenience of stay and accommodation. Even a small one-room apartment (Studio 1+0) will be larger than a standard room at the hotel, all apartments and houses possess furnished kitchens that allows you to cook what you like, when it is comfortable for you and of the products you choose. The majority of apartments for rent have a large balcony with a table, chairs and sun loungers on them, and you can have a great day or evening with your family at the spacious terrace or on the balcony.

  • It is also convenient for families with children, as your schedule is not tied to the timetable and program of the hotel.

  • From the point of view of infrastructure, modern residential areas are highly competitive with luxury five-star hotels. Over the past year in Turkey, a large number of residential areas appeared in resort towns and villages, with everything you might need for a wonderful rest - large outdoor swimming pool, children's pool, playground for children, mini club, water slides, spa area with heated indoor pool, sauna, steam room, Turkish bath, gym, cafes, restaurants and shops in the area, secured parking, tennis court and sports ground, security, gardener, concierge. Such a residential area will be comfortable for you and your children.

  • The occupancy rate of a residential area is rarely 100%, as everybody arrives at different times, so do not expect the crowds of tourists in the restaurant, sauna or the lack of sun loungers on the beach.

Our company will pick for you an excellent choice of apartments or villas for renting in Turkey, focusing on all of your wishes - distance from the sea, number of beds, cost.


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