Residence permit in Turkey


 Acquisition of real estate in Turkey is the basis for obtaining a residence permit.

In addition, a person who owns real estate can obtain the residence permit for his / her husband / wife, children under 18 and parents in care.

Documents for registration of residence permit accept local police stations, where there are special departments for work with foreigners - Emniyet Mudurlugu Yabancilar Sube Mudurlugu.

  On April 11, 2014, in Turkey a new law amending the conditions for registration and issuance of residence permits entered into force.


resident permit There was abolished a blue book, which could be obtained for a month, three, six and a year in the local police station. Now, you receive a letter with a plastic card, which is a new residence permit. 


 Within 1-2 days you can apply for the residence permit. If you do not want to independently collect documents, you can contact the special services, which are located near police stations that can completely prepare all the necessary documents for you. You will need to personally apply to a special branch of the police station to work with foreigners, and after filing, you can enjoy your vacation and stay, as it is not necessary to take the residence permit personally .The postal service will deliver the residence permit to your city directly at the address of residence.


 The registration of residence permit at the moment lasts for about 2 months, but as the system is being improved, it is planned to expedite this term to a week.


 The validity of the residence permit starts with the submission of documents to the police station.


 There is no need for extension of the residence permit to travel to your country of residence. Every year you will be able to extend the residence permit in Turkey. These changes are especially convenient for those who decided to move to Turkey for permanent residence.

 Changes in the registration also touched upon the necessary documents: now for the residence permit in Turkey you need a full medical insurance, the cost of insurance depends on the insurance company and the age of the applicant, where the average is 700 liras. The insurance needs to be arranged for the entire stay in Turkey.


Necessary documents for registration of the residence permit:


1. Application;


2. Passport and a copy of the passport;


3. Bank statement from a Turkish bank on the necessary sum at the rate of $500 per month of residence;


4. The original and a copy of TAPU (ownership certificate);


5. The certificate for real estate on the Cadastral Chamber;


6. TIN (Turkish tax number)


7. 4 photos;


8. The international medical insurance for the period of stay in Turkey.














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