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How much time does the registration of real estate take?

The government is very loyal to the foreign investors, so every effort is made to simplify the bureaucratic procedures and speed up procedures for TAPU - a certificate of ownership.

If the buyer buys new or secondary housing without installments, in the case if this site has already issued documents to foreigners (it is essential to have a permit from Izmir, the so-called Ege Ordu), everything will be ready within 2-10 days, and if there were no foreign owners yet or the last permission was granted before 2011, which is quite rare, then it will take from one to three months. It is worth noting that the buyer makes the final payment at the time of receipt of TAPU. 


Where does the purchase and sale of Turkish property take place?

The conveyance of property takes place in a public institution, the Cadastral Office. Every city in Turkey has Cadastral Offices and their representations. The transaction itself is controlled at the state level. All real estate transactions are recorded in a single cadastral registry. During the change of ownership both the buyer and seller (or their representatives under the notarized power of attorney) must be present. If one of the parties is a citizen of a foreign state, then the state-certified translator/interpreter is also present. Notaries in Turkey do not carry out real estate transactions.


 Can a few people buy property?

Yes, you can record a few people in the TAPU (the ownership certificate). You can also specify proportions which belong to different owners. From experience, the most of TAPUs are issued for two or one owner. The cost of TAPU does not depend of the number of owners (in the initial registration).

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