İnspection tour

 Have you read a lot and studied all real estate offers and purchasing options online? The only thing that is left is to see everything with your own eyes. In that case we invite you to the inspection tour which will allow you to make the right and final selection!


Step 1


Contact us to discuss the dates that would be convenient for the planned trip 


Step 2


Arrival to Turkey.


Our company will organize a transfer for you directly from the airport to the hotel or the apartment where you would stay and a return transfer on departure 


Step 3


Accommodation at the hotel or an apartment in a residential complex


Our clients can choose the type of accommodation, it can be a hotel with meals or, if you want to feel the entire atmosphere of living in a good residential complex, we can provide accommodation in a two-room apartment (1+1) or a two-bedroom apartment (2+1) in a residential complex with a good infrastructure


Step 4


Meeting with an employee of our company. At this stage we agree the itinerary of the trip and the schedule of real estate reviewing. During the trip you will be accompanied by a Russian-speaking employee of our company who will advise you not only on a particular object, but also on general issues and news in the Turkish real estate market, on accommodation in Turkey, on legal issues and after-sales services.


During the trip, in addition to the real estate itself, we also show infrastructure of the district, the beach and attractions for our clients to be able to learn not only about the residential complex or building, but also the environment and the area of the purchase.


Step 5


Discussion of preferred options in the office, checks of documents necessary for the purchase of real estate, after that we move to the procedure of purchase. 


  You can fill out the form below, indicating the dates convenient for your arrival, and our employee will contact you to discuss all details of your inspection tour.



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