Receive income from a property in Turkey


Make Money from Turkish Real Estate                                                                                     

You've been to Turkey many times and tired of hotels? Our company offers you to invest in Turkish real estate, as there is nothing better than to have a vacation in your own home, sleep in your bed, choose the housing interior, and enjoy the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea from your balcony!

After all, Turkey is the sun,  sea,  best beaches, delicious vegetables and fruits all year round, and most importantly, reasonable prices for both real estate and its maintenance!

Turkey is a great choice for investment!

How to profit from real estate in Turkey

  • Buy real estate for subsequent lease

Our company has several years of experience in letting  properties. We get inquiries from future tenants and analyze their preferences and requirements for housing, consider requests for different regions of Turkey and after summarizing and analyzing these data we suggest lucrative housing that you can let both through our company and independently, receiving a stable income! We do not exaggerate rents, do not entice you with “fine” prices for rent, and do not promise super profits and revenues. We will honestly tell you the pros and cons of the area, the competitive prices for rental, at which you can really let your housing, so that property doesn't stand idle

After the purchase the owner signs a service and rent contract. We discuss all the pre-conditions of rent, type of rent, coordinate all the details and you begin to get revenue.

  • Profitable Resale

In order to resell the property cost-effectively, there are two good ways of buying it:

  • Buying a real estate at the initial stage of the construction , which will be in demand in the future (in order to assess the competitive advantages of a property, it is better to take professional advice of our managers). When buying at the initial stage of construction, you can count on the best prices, you can select the best floor plan, view from the window, you can have a convenient payment plan i.e. interest-free installment payment, and in about a year and a half you will have an excellent housing with incomparable advantages!
  • Buying finished housing on conditions of a quick sale: for various reasons sometimes owners  sell property at a price significantly below market. Our company closely monitors such offerings on the market and provides them to potential clients.

In turn, when buying with our company, we fully assist in the subsequent resale, using advertising as well as common base of Turkish real estate sellers!


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