Buying Real Estate in Turkey Procedure

 Buying real estate in Turkey can be as smooth as possible thanks to Ataberk Estate!  Sea, sun, rest at your own apartment or house in Turkey all this may come true, as nothing is impossible!

Stage 1

Getting acquainted with options and offers

 At the very beginning of the process our company suggests you to familiarize yourself with offers at the real estate market, that is getting to know districts and towns, advantages of each option, comparative analysis of prices. At this stage, first of all, we try to find out what our client needs, what are his/her requirements and purposes for the purchase. On the basis of your criteria, we will select different options for you.

Stage 2

Viewing visit 

After you have the preliminary information on the offered real estate objects, we will gladly meet you personally and show you all the selected objects. Our company can organize for you a viewing visit.

If you have already been to the area of your desired real estate purchase and you are ready to select an option on the basis of the information that was sent to you (it is especially applicable if you want to buy real estate on the stage of construction - investment project), there is no need to come to Turkey, but get directly to stage 3 - signing the contract.

Stage 3

Making a decision and signing the contract

Signing the contract is an important stage of the transaction, all conditions and necessary details are stipulated in the agreement. We draw the agreement in three copies, in two or more languages.

The purchase agreement contains:

  • Information of the seller
  • Information of the buyer
  • Information of the real estate
  • payment conditions
  • liabilities of all sides

A full list of documents is attached to the agreement.

Our company thoroughly checks all documents and guarantees the legal transparency of transaction.

Payment plan and conditions

Upon signing the contract, the advance payment of 5-10% of the real estate price shall be made, in most cases within the next 2-3 weeks the payment of 20-50% is required and the last payment is made when the buyer receives a Tapu - Title Deed from the Land Registry Office. The payment plan is always individual. Our company tries to consider all requirements and wishes of both parties. Upon the purchase at the stage of construction the initial payment shall be always  specified, as well as the conditions and the schedule of payments depending on the construction stage.

When signing the contract, the only document which is required is his/her passport.

Stage 4

Receiving the tax number and, if necessary, opening a bank account in Turkey

Our employee will receive a tax number (vergi numarasi) for you at the Tax Directorate - Vergi dairesi. The tax number is necessary when receiving Tapu, opening a bank account, starting your own business or  getting a residence permit.

If necessary, we will help you to open bank account. Most of the time there is always English speaking personnel which will significantly simplify  your further communication with bank officials. You can transfer money to your account after the purchase, you can also connect the communal payments to your bank account and they will be automatically made, minimizing your worries for the payment of water, electricity, Internet and other supplies.

Stage 5

Payment according to the contract and obtaining of Tapu (ownership certificate)

Transfer of ownership rights is done at the state institution - Cadastre Directorate - Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü in Turkey, the transaction does not require participation of a notary.

After obtaining Tapu, you become a full-fledged owner of real estate in Turkey. You can be personally present while receiving Tapu at the Cadastre Directorate, or leave a power of attorney to receive Tapu only to come later at the time convenient for you, and get Tapu, as well as other documents from our office.

Stage 6

The last transaction stage is registration of Iskan (technical passport), as well as documents for water supply, Internet connection, television, purchase of the furniture, home appliances, accessories and the long-awaited moving in.

📃 Какие документы необходимо иметь с собой?

Покупателю необходим только загранпаспорт.

📋 Мне необходимо куда-то ехать за налоговым номером?

Сотрудник нашей компании получает для вас налоговый номер ( vergi numarasi) в Налоговом Управлении - Vergi dairesi.

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