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 Ataberk Estate company offers you a full range of services throughout the entire process of purchasing property in Turkey, and most importantly, after the transaction, it is after-sales service that we pay the greatest attention at, since after the purchase you may have many questions about living and organization of leisure and recreation.

 For us it is important that clients are satisfied not only immediately after the purchase of real estate, but not be disappointed in our service a few years later, because we understand that the best advertising can only be from clients satisfied by our services, that is why you will be provided with the quality service both before, during and after the purchase of real estate!



Services of Ataberk estate company BEFORE and DURING the purchase of real estate:

  • selection of real estate options according to the wishes and criteria of the client;

  • organization of a free-of-charge familiarization visit for a more detailed study of the real estate market, real estate inspection, consultations - all of that is provided by professional English-speaking managers, we provide complete, timely and accurate information on all questions of purchase, procedures and laws;

  • full support of the transaction:                                    

 - drawing up a legally clear contract;

- checking and analysis of the purchased real estate - specifically, our company checks real estate for the absence of debts, all real estate documents are checked - the permission for construction, which should comply with all regulatory norms, checking the construction quality and the permission for exploitation, checking and confirmation of real real estate owners;

- registration of tapu - ownership certificate - and all documents necessary for getting ownership rights - receipt of the tax number, opening the bank account, drawing up the power of attorney, translations, etc.



Services of Ataberk estate company AFTER the purchase of real estate:

 After-sales service

1. Organization of transfer to / from the airport for you, we can book either an individual or a group transfer, or VIP shuttle service for special occasions; it is possible to order transfer with an English-speaking assistant;

2. Help with connection of Internet, telephone communication, registration of subscriber numbers;

3. Payment of bills for electricity, water, Internet. We can pay communal utility bills for you or we can help you tie them to your bank account, specifically, water and electricity supply, Internet connection, etc. for automatic payment from your account;

4. Assistance in purchasing furniture, home appliances and everything necessary for comfortable residing - curtains, dishes, bed linen;

5. Assistance with repair or design of your premises;

6. Cleaning the house;

7. Making insurance and assistance in dealing with insurance companies;

8. Renting a car, advice and assistance in buying a car;

9. Help in buying plane and bus tickets;

10. Consultations on children's educational institutions in Turkey (kindergartens, schools, colleges);

11. Consultations on medical services in Turkey, on the best medical facilities in the region;

12. Organization of your leisure and rest, excursions, yacht trips;

13. Renting of your real estate and property management. This is one of the main after-sales services of our company, as your real estate can bring you annual income. One of the advantages of resort real estate is the possibility to come to vacation to your own apartment or a villa and to rent it during the time when it is idle. Our company can conclude an agreement with you for servicing and renting, we discuss competitive renting rates and your residence dates, in all other periods your real estate will bring you income!








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