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So, the pleasant fuss is behind and you are the owner of luxury apartments in one of the resorts in Turkey. Behind are the efforts of getting the Tapu - a certificate of ownership, obtaining the residence permit and practically the vast majority of our fellow citizens, after the acquisition of real estate in Turkey, set themselves the task to open a business in Turkey. The easiest and most stable form of income in Turkey is not to buy one, but a few apartments: absolutely right – for letting them, which many of our countrymen do. The is due to the fact that the infrastructure of such residential complexes as Azura Park, Goldcity, Orion City and many other only in the Alanya region is much more than enough, and they can be envied even by many 5-star hotels, not only in Turkey. This is a closed guarded territory, two swimming pools, one of which is indoor pools (year-round), a hammam, tennis courts and a fitness room, a private beach, restaurants, and much more that is absent in the most expensive hotels.

If you decide to open your business, it is necessary to follow two main principles: 1st – do not make oral agreements, only contractual relationships, and the 2nd - do not look any ways other than legitimate. It is important that in accordance with Turkish law there are no restrictions on foreigners doing businesses in Turkey and the registration procedure, taxation, operation of the legal entity for residents and non-residents in Turkey are almost the same for foreigners. The main activities of our citizens in Turkey are tourism, restaurants, publishing, transportation, computer services, and many others. So, the choice is yours!!!


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