When buying real estate abroad, the most common request is to buy cheap/bargain  real estate. What kind of property is considered cheap and what risks are you running when buying such property?

You need to understand that, regardless the price for real estate, you will run into expenses in the form of taxes, aydat (maintenance fee for the complex), etc. Depending on the property, such expenses will be anything from 300-800 euros per year (detailed information on the link: https://www.ataberkestate.com/rashodi-i-soderjanie

If you do not plan to live permanently  in your apartment, but come only once a year for vacation, then it is wiser to rent out this apartment for the rest of the year so that you can have a  passive income.

When buying a property in Turkey just for rent, you should invest your money wisely, that is to buy real estate which  is in demand among tenants and in popular areas.  To do this, you can first study the market where apartments are rented well, prices - study the Airbnb website itself or trust a reliable real estate agency and take their advice.

Buying property in Turkey for resale, you can earn up to 15-25%. How can you purchase such property?

It may be an urgent sale of a lucrative apartment at a low price, but here you have to be ready to buy such apartment right away and not all buyers have the opportunity to do this, so such apartments are the fastest to “disperse” on the domestic market among “hunters” for urgent sales.

The second option is to purchase from the developer at the initial stage or with special offers, as for example here the developer offers discounts:



Let’s look into low-cost properties market . Is it possible to buy an apartment for 20 000-24 000 euros? If we look at the regions of Turkey,  for example, in Mersin it is more likely possible.

But what do you get as a result? Mersin is not a tourist region, so you need to forget that you will be understood in your native language. Getting there will be quite problematic, even from Moscow, not to mention the distant regions of Russia and there will be several transfers, which increases the cost of the trip several times, in contrast to the same Alanya.

In Alanya there will be hardly any options at this price range.  And even if you find such an apartment then, most likely, it is an old city-type house with problematic documents. Having bought such real estate, in the future you will have hard time selling it and perhaps more problems can occur later.


Real estates  30 000 - 35 000 euros in Alanya

In this price range, you can buy a good option for a small apartment, but the distance from the sea will be from 1.5 km


Or it will be an old house without infrastructure, but closer to the sea. The low cost of the apartment attracts, but most likely, problems may occur with worn out communications, an elevator, since old houses were built without today's building standards and cannot be earthquake-proof.



Real estate 35 000- 40000 euros in Alanya

Indeed, at such a budget it is quıte possible to pick up  something good,  but again, many people are waiting for good, lucratıve options at such price, so you should be ready to buy it quickly. You can also find interesting projects from the developer at this price range, for example:



You can take advantage of the installment plan until the end of construction, paying only 30% of the down payment.

Cheap apartments that remain on the market are those, which have problems with documents, debts from the owner,  abandoned infrastructure, having legal proceeding- the ones that are difficult to sell or rent.

Some buyers want to buy their house by the sea without resorting to the services of a realtor, hoping to buy directly from the seller and thus save on commissions. Of course, the realtor does not work for free, but the cost of the commission is already included in the sale price and is paid by the seller / developer (such are the conditions of Ataberk Estate). Some believe that the commission is large and want to save money on it, they are looking for sellers directly. But in fact, the work of a realtor does not end there, checking and preparing documents, negotiations with the seller, as well as after-sales service, all this is included in his/her work.

It’s for each buyer to decide  whether to take a chance and buy an apartment cheap, directly from the seller, from acquaintances or through an agency that can help in the purchase and provide after-sales service, help in settling in a new place, solve household issues, rent out the apartment.  

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