How to Get a Job in Turkey

 Our fellow citizens, who wish to find employment for Turkish employers, must adhere strictly to the two main rules: 1. act in accordance with Turkish law; 2. carry out their labor activity only on a contractual basis. According to the Turkish law for employment in the country, our fellow citizens need to receive an invitation from the employer and get a work visa. This is your guarantee of social protection and lack of risk to be deprived of documents and salary. This is very strict in Turkey.


 Today, the most sought-after experts on the labor market in Turkey are dedicated to providing services in the tourism business and trade: in hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, travel agencies. Also, there is a need for experts in the area of ​​real estate and everything that goes with it: rent, sale, purchase, construction, investment projects and many more. The country is experiencing a construction boom, and an apartment in one of the resorts in Turkey is two, and sometimes three times cheaper than at our resorts.


 Chances of employment in Turkey for highly professional experts in the field of cosmetics, medicine, culinary, IT-technologies and construction are very high. Moreover, if the applicant speaks English or one of the European languages, as well as colloquial Turkish, then the probability of employment is almost exactly 100%.


In accordance with the provisions of the labor law in Turkey, there are several kinds of employment contracts:    


1). Employment agreement for a temporary and permanent job.


2). Employment agreement with the set and not set validity term.


3). Employment agreement to work with full or partial employment.


4). Employment agreement to work on call.


5). Employment agreement for a probationary period.


6). Employment agreement acting on the basis of group agreement.


 When buying property in Turkey, many foreign citizens and our compatriots plan to start building a new life in this country. And for such a solution there are more than enough reasons:


The visa-free regime with many countries of the CIS, and great transport connections;


Affordable housing – from 30 thousand euros – purchase takes a minimum of time and hassle of documents;


The growing economy and stability – the annual economic growth in Turkey is from 9 to 12%, which is one of the best in the world;


Easy adaptation and favorable climate;


Environment and natural foods;


Obtaining the residence permit in the event of acquisition of real estate in Turkey and much, much more.


 Most foreigners in Turkey already have a permanent job, working in the Turkish subsidiaries of international companies, joint ventures, as well as in private firms or running their own businesses. Those who decided to open up new horizons in Turkey after the acquisition of real estate should initially to prepare seriously and understand that Turkey today is 77 million people, half of whom are people under 30 years, and almost 28 million are employable. This is one of the best indicators in Europe. Higher educational institutions have 3.8 million students, which annually provide 600,000 graduates. Thanks to the qualification, skill, dedication and motivation, the Turkish labor market is one of the best in the world. Moving to any country will not be without any unwanted and sometimes not very pleasant surprises. And you should know and remember that ATABERK ESTATE is always ready to help and provide expert advice on emerging issues at your desire to stay and live in Turkey.


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